I would spend hours combing through albums and a big tote of photos that my mom and grandma kept. I can smell the way the Black Hills smell on a warm day--earth and pine and sage. I can hear my grandpa's voice and the way he would encourage me. I can hear my mom and how easy she is to laugh with my dad. 
They're more than 4x6 prints. They're security and nostalgia all in one. That's what I want to give to you and the generations beyond you. 

i have memories that exist because of photos: the  gleam of a christmas tree, my grandparent's anniversary party country dance, a first trip to sedona. 

More about me

My Why:

Time is our most valuable resource.
I hope to freeze time for you, to create space for creating core memories, to orchestrate easy experiences that let you be fully immersed in the moments.

my kiddos, Hank + Willa

my favorite things to photograph:

wasting a beautiful day

I hate:

a sunrise and a good cup of coffee

You can wake me up at any time for:

exploring Patagonia

my nr 1 on my bucketlist:

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