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Extended Family Photo Sessions in the Black Hills

The Black Hills are often a gathering place for family reunions, and this year, it seems we’re a popular destination. I love photographing extended family photo sessions because there are so many opportunities to document meaningful memories, and I think it’s so important to have these photos when your family is gathered.

Let me guide you on how I handle my sessions by sharing my favorite shots from a recent extended family session. Prior to the shoot, I had a conversation with a designated contact person to ensure that we have identified all the necessary groupings and key photos to be taken. I make sure to capture all the most important photos while making sure the littles are happy.

Black Hills Extended family candid group photo

Then, we break into smaller groupings, like adult siblings, sisters with mom, etc. This gives kids a little break too!

Sibling family photo

Next, we play! I’ll snap a couple of more formal family photos, but by this time, most kids are getting antsy, so I use lots of fun prompts and games to get photos of real interactions.

Once we’ve got all the groupings, usually in a couple of locations, I like to be a fly on the wall and watch your family interact and capture the sweet, candid moments that will help you reminisce about this time together.

If you’re gathering this summer and would love to have your family photos taken with our incredible Black Hills scenery, let’s connect!

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